Which Tooth Restoration Treatment Will Work Best for You?

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Sometimes, your oral health care habits are not enough to protect your teeth, and they may become damaged or discolored. When a tooth becomes damaged, it should be treated with the necessary tooth restoration procedure. With all the options and treatments available, which tooth restoration treatment will work best for you?

If you have suffered tooth enamel loss, you may have or be at an increased risk for cavities. Fortunately, dental fillings can stop cavities and fill them in and prevent future damage from occurring. If the damage to your tooth extends beyond enamel loss, a dental crown may be necessary. Dental crowns completely conceal the parts of a tooth showing above the gum line for total protection against a variety of oral health hazards.

If you have healthy teeth and are only looking to improve their look, a dental veneer may be a suitable choice. Dental veneers use a thin shell that bonds to the fronts of teeth for customizable color and looks. For a less invasive treatment, specialized gels used in teeth whitening treatments can be applied to improve the natural color of your teeth.

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