Try These Simple Tips to Enhance Your Smile

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Are you giving your smile the love and attention it deserves? On occasion, we may find ourselves consuming sweets and treats away from home and far from easy access to brushing and flossing. Sadly, many products can begin to do damage to our teeth and gums almost immediately after entering our mouths, which does not leave enough time to clean them quickly enough. However, there are some methods such as mouthwash and chewing gum that can be used as a quick fix for a clean mouth before other more effective treatments like brushing and flossing can be used.

– Studies have shown that if you chew sugarless gum for at least a period of twenty minutes after a meal, it can wash away bacteria and food particles to help guard you better from cavities.
– Sugarless gum can increase your saliva flow, which contains ingredients that can neutralize the harmful acids caused by bacteria that can chew through tooth enamel.
– Sugarless gum can help avoid heartburn or acid buildup in the esophagus.
– Mouthwash can wash away halitosis (bad breath) and tooth decay.
– Mouthwash can be used as an accessory in the fight against cavities by washing away plaque buildup.
– Mouthwash can diminish the speed of and even prevent gingivitis, which is a precursor to gum disease.

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