Oral Health Outliers: Dental Floss

To effectively make sure that all areas of your mouth are clean, you will need to have comprehensive cleaning tools and techniques to clean all areas around your teeth. This includes making sure you brush twice a day on your teeth and gums and your tongue to clean away debris in the back of your mouth. However, your brush will... read more »

Facts About Saliva

Saliva is very important, whether you believe it or not. In fact, saliva can help you have the strong and healthy smile you want and need! Our dentist, Dr. James Voorhees, is happy to explain as well as help you understand all there is to know about saliva. The more you know, the better chance you have of maintaining a... read more »

TMJ Can Worsen Without Treatment

Did you know, your jaw pain can be treated? There are many people who struggle with a painful jaw that causes headaches and muscle aches in their face. To help you learn more about your TMJ, our dentist, Dr. James Voorhees with James T. Voorhees, DDS in Lenexa, Kansas, has provided you this information. Temporomandibular joint, also known as the... read more »

Cold and Flu Season and Its Influence on Your Smile

When cold and flu season comes around, individuals often beginning to bunker down for a long and hard fight. One of biggest difficulties associated with having a cold or the flu is a lack of energy. The lack of energy often makes individuals lethargic and unable to accomplish basic tasks. Unfortunately, this often means an individual's oral health care routine... read more »

Take Care of Your Smile with Composite Dental Fillings

It is essential always keep your mouth clean so that harmful acids cannot eat through your tooth enamel. When harmful acids cause enough damage that a hole forms in your tooth enamel, which cavity will occur. When cavities are present, tooth restorations in the form of dental fillings will be needed to remove the decaying tooth material clean out the... read more »

Important Dental Insight on Gum Disease Risk Factor Prevention

When the time comes, it is a good idea to have effective oral health care treatment plans in place to ensure your smile can remain strong against risks such as tooth decay and gum disease. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a relatively common condition in which gum tissues become infected. However, by setting forth an effective risk... read more »

Long-haul Protection and Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a great way to fight off cavities and tooth breakdown in your molars. They are an great investment that will take your dental health a long way. But how long exactly? To answer that, we have put together this post for you on the longevity of dental sealants. Keep reading if you’d be interested to find out... read more »

Brushing and Humming

Do you find it difficult to brush for the full two minutes it takes to properly clean your teeth? Brushing for those two minutes can do a whole lot of good to help you clean your teeth and guard your oral cavity against dangers like cavities and periodontal disease, so it’s important to do. To help you, here is a... read more »

Bone Grafting: The First Step to a New & Healthier Smile

Restoring missing teeth is a great way to strengthen your smile and boost its appearance! Whether you are interested in single tooth replacement or would like a full arch of teeth, restorative dentistry can meet your needs and add excellent cosmetic value back to your smile. However, many patients require a bone graft as a preliminary step to receiving their... read more »

All You Need to Know About Enamel Erosion

Enamel erosion is a dangerous dental issue because it can weaken your tooth enamel, make the teeth weak, and promote the development of cavities. It’s important to prevent this dental issue as much as possible so you can maintain a top-notch smile and oral health. To tell you more about enamel erosion in Lenexa, Kansas, our dentist, Dr. James Voorhees,... read more »