Protect Your Oral Health Now and in the Future With Dental Sealants

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Your back teeth can be better protected from harmful bacteria by receiving dental sealants that keep the chewing surfaces in good shape. You can safely receive dental sealants as a child or an adult, as long as you are age six or older, as this is the age patients usually receive their adult molars. We are happy to provide further information about how dental sealants can enhance your oral health now and protect it in the future.

Dr. James Voorhees and our team cover the chewing surfaces of the molars with dental sealants, applying the material directly to the tooth enamel so that these teeth are both protected and easier to clean. We then harden the dental sealant with a light source after it’s placed so that the tooth can withstand bacteria and be stronger. Typically, dental sealants last about a decade before they need to be redone by our doctor.

Dental sealants can provide the best results when a child is young and just received their adult molars. Children can even be about three times more likely to not have cavities when they have dental sealants placed.

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