Healthy Eating for Healthy Teeth

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An average American diet consists of soda, fast food, and other wrapped foods filled with unrecognizable chemicals. Often, people throw a healthy fruit or vegetable into their day and tell themselves that their meals are balanced, but they probably are not.

Firstly, finding whole and better foods can lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle and, secondly, it can lead to a brighter and fuller smile. That’s right. What you eat dramatically affects your oral health, so you get to decide how healthy you want to keep your grin.

A balanced diet consists of lots of grains and vegetables, a good amount of protein and fruit, and some dairy. For further guidelines on healthy eating, go to All the advice on that website is fantastic for having healthy teeth, but, if you are looking for specific foods to boost your dental health, then we suggest consuming these:

A study in the May/June issue of American Academy of General Dentistry states that cheese raises the ph level in the mouth which fights plaque.

High in calcium and protein, yogurt can boost your tooth enamel strength.

Leafy Greens
The vitamin B and calcium in spinach and kale can help your gums and your enamel.

Apples are largely composed of fiber and water which raises salivation levels and kills more bacteria.

Carrots are also very high in fiber and help create saliva.

Like carrots and apples, celery is full of fiber.

Calcium and protein abound in the mighty almond. It is also low on sugar which is an extra bonus for your teeth.

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