Cold and Flu Season and Its Influence on Your Smile

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When cold and flu season comes around, individuals often beginning to bunker down for a long and hard fight. One of biggest difficulties associated with having a cold or the flu is a lack of energy. The lack of energy often makes individuals lethargic and unable to accomplish basic tasks. Unfortunately, this often means an individual’s oral health care routine suffers. However, even if you have a cold or flu, trying to find a modest amount of energy so you can continue taking care of your teeth, as you will be at an increased risk for damage while you are sick.

One of the biggest risks to your oral health comes from the fact that you may be vomiting. If you do you find yourself throwing up, your teeth will be exposed to harmful stomach acids that can eat away at your teeth and gums. Thus, it is important to eliminate these acids from your mouth after throwing up. However, your teeth will be extra sensitive at this time and prone to dental abrasion. Thus, you will have to avoid toothbrushes and toothpaste and stick with another non-abrasive tool, such as mouthwash.

Did you know that cough drops could end up causing dental damage due to the fact that they can either chip or crack your teeth or lead to dental erosion? It’s true, so always exercise caution when biting into any form of lozenges, including cough drops. Also, try to find sugar-free versions, as several forms of cough drops are heavily loaded with sugar which will continue to damage your tooth enamel while you’re sick. In fact, try to stay sugar-free throughout your illness.

Seeking a better smile and better oral health is possible with oral health care during cold and flu season. To schedule an oral exam or professional cleaning with Dr. James Voorhees and our team at our dentist office in Lenexa, Kansas, please contact James T. Voorhees, DDS at 913-888-2474.