Bone Grafting: The First Step to a New & Healthier Smile

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Restoring missing teeth is a great way to strengthen your smile and boost its appearance! Whether you are interested in single tooth replacement or would like a full arch of teeth, restorative dentistry can meet your needs and add excellent cosmetic value back to your smile. However, many patients require a bone graft as a preliminary step to receiving their dental implants.

Before placing your dental implant, Dr. James Voorhees will examine the treatment site to determine whether the bone is thick enough and healthy enough to support a dental implant. If the bone is determined to be too thin, our doctor may recommend a bone graft to strengthen the bone.

During the process of a bone implant, we will add bone material to the jawbone to increase its mass and strengthen any areas weakened by decay or tooth loss. This is a necessary step to ensure the support of your dental implant. The grafting material can be sourced from many options, such as your own bone, processed bone from a tissue bank, or synthetic bone-like material. Our talented and experienced doctor adjusts the height and width of the jawbone as necessary.

Following the bone grafting procedure, the new and old bone will be left alone for a few months to fuse together. Once the bone graft has had enough time to complete the fusion process, your smile is ready to receive a dental implant.

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