Need a Cavity Filled? Ask About Our Cosmetic Dental Fillings

When one of your teeth has started to decay, a dental filling helps to preserve it. The procedure involves Dr. Rickabaugh removing a small amount of tooth enamel and then adding filling material in its place.

Until the last several years, silver fillings made with amalgam were all that was available to treat cavities. Patients understood that the fillings were necessary, but many expressed that it made them feel uncomfortable when they smiled because others could easily see that they had restorative dental work performed. Cosmetic dental fillings in Lenexa, KS offer the ideal solution to this problem.

What Are Cosmetic Dental Fillings?

Also known as tooth-colored fillings, cosmetic dental fillings are close to the color of your natural teeth. The material used to make cosmetic fillings is similar in color and texture to natural human tooth enamel. When you smile, no one will know that you have cavities at all.

Other Benefits of Cosmetic Dental Fillings

Another concern patients often expressed about silver amalgam fillings was that they contained mercury. You need not be concerned about that when you choose tooth-colored fillings to cover the decayed area of your tooth that your dentist removed.

Dr. Vorhees can use cosmetic filling material on any tooth, but it is an especially popular choice for front teeth. In most cases, he does not need to remove as much of your natural tooth when working with cosmetic dental fillings, as opposed to traditional fillings containing mercury.

Cosmetic dental fillings in Lenexa, KS are also extremely durable. You can expect them to last 10 to 15 years before needing a replacement, although you should not subject your treated tooth to unnecessary stress like chewing on ice cubes.

Are you concerned about tooth decay or want to learn more about cosmetic fillings? Please contact our dental practice in Lenexa today.

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