6 Most Popular Dentist Office Services We Offer in Lenexa, KS  

Welcome to Rosehill Dentistry, a leader in dental services in Lenexa, KS. We provide a variety of dental services and treatments. Learn more about how we use dental bonding and crowns, bridgework, and cosmetic fillings. In terms of cosmetic dental services, we also offer Invisalign and dental veneers.

Dental Bonding

Adding a layer of safe composite resin to broken or chipped teeth can transform your smile. Using American Dental Association-approved dental bonding material, Dr. Rickabaugh will provide you with new, permanent teeth that will last a lifetime.

Dental Crowns

We also offer dental crowns, including same-day crowns to correct gaps and replace missing teeth. Dental crowns or caps are discreetly affixed to the teeth.


Dental bridges in Lenexa, KS, allow your dentist to permanently replace a series of teeth. Your existing teeth are anchors for bridgework, which bridges a sizeable gap.

Cosmetic Fillings

A cosmetic filling will fill a hole left behind by a cavity once James T. Voorhees, DDS, removes the decaying or rotting matter. We use a modern resin and ceramic compound, considered safer and less noticeable than traditional amalgam fillings.


Clear Correct Invisible Aligners are a type of Invisalign braces. Unlike metal braces, clear braces work with plastic retainers molded to your teeth and gums. Some patients only wear clear aligners overnight for minimal discomfort with teeth corrections.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers and Lumineers are cosmetic treatments that conceal mild stains or teeth chipping. We can apply the new dental veneers in a few office visits. Transform how you feel about your smile with dental services in Lenexa, Kansas.

Make an Appointment for Dental Services in Lenexa, KS

Choose Rosehill Dentistry, for your preferred dental professional in Lenexa, KS. Start with an appointment to examine your dental work. We accept new patients, including children, teens, adults, and seniors. Contact us at 913-888-2474 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rickabaugh’s office today.


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