Battle of the Dental Restorations: Crowns vs Veneers

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When it comes to dental restorations, crowns and veneers are both wonderful candidates. To choose between them may seem like a battle between superheroes.

Which is better? In reality, there is no blanket one-size-fits-all answer to that question. Treatments are best determined on a case-by-case basis. However, as Dr. James Voorhees and you evaluate the best treatment for you, here’s a side by side comparison to look at:

Dental veneers are:
-extremely durable, lasting an average of 10 years
-known for their aesthetic beauty
-can fill in chips and cracks for teeth with strong roots, especially your front teeth
-usually better than crowns when it comes to covering staining and minor imperfections
-can protect your teeth better than our own natural tooth enamel

Dental crowns are:
-also very durable, lasting an average of 10 years, the same time as veneers
-used to completely conceal and cap a tooth
-helpful for teeth that have suffered any kind of damage, especially molars
-best for protecting weak teeth that are at an increased risk for tooth decay and cavities
-also can protect your teeth better than our own natural tooth enamel

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